Study of Greek language

One of the top priorities for the Branch is teaching and dissemination of the Greek language with a focus on the in-depth study of Greek history and culture.

Based on recommendations of the Center for the Greek Language, the Branch offers four-level courses of the Greek language (chief instructor Nanouchka Podkovyroff). To date, over 3900 students, mainly citizens of Ukraine, have taken the language courses. Special language courses are also offered for children.

The Branch also supports teaching the Greek language at Odessa I.I Mechnikov National University, colleges and schools of Odessa and other regions of Ukraine by providing instructors and educational materials. Since 1999 the Branch’s language instructor Ms. Nanouchka Podkovyroff has been teaching Greek at Odessa National University being in charge of the Center for Greek Philology in the Department of Foreign Languages.

Due to the support and financial assistance from the HFC, the Branch hosts educational seminars in teaching Greek as a second foreign language participated by professional participants from Greece and interested persons from Ukraine.

The Branch offers scholarships for studying Greek language and culture in similar programs at the universities in Greece. Summer vacation trips to Greece are also awarded to winners of annual children’s fine arts contests organized by the Branch in collaboration with cultural organizations and school camps from Greece.

Language courses

The courses of Greek language are offered for all interested individuals from 7 to 65 years of age. The four-year courses have levels А, В, Г and Δ. The academic year is 9 month long, from September 15 to July 15 (sign-up period from September 1 to September 14). There two classes a week. Students may be admitted directly to the second-year level of studies provided that they pass the oral and written examinations no later than September 14. All candidates take their examinations on a single defined by the Branch, but no later than September 5.

The Foundation provides the students with the necessary textbooks, reference-books, dictionaries, grammar books and other subsidiary materials. The mandatory written promotion exams are taken in February and June. The dates of the exams are announced 15 days in advance.

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Examination center

Since 2001 the Branch has been functioning as the authorized Greek Language Examination Centre for Ukraine and Moldova which issues internationally recognized certificates of proficiency in Greek language. The certificates are issued for six levels of proficiency (Α1-Α2-Β1-Β2-Γ1-Γ2) tested against four language skills including those of comprehension in oral and written language and ability to write in and speak the language. The exams for all levels of proficiency are held once a year, normally in the second decade of May.

For more details please visit or contact the Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture at the address below:
20 Krasny Pereulok, Odessa, 65026, Ukraine
Тel.: +38 (048) 7374547

Information: Podkovyroff Nanouchka