План заходів філії ГФК в березні 2021

Program for the BHFC’s activities for March 2021 (some changes and addends are possible)

Dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution 1821-1829 02.03 – 16:00 (Tuesday) Online lecture: “Ottoman Greek refugees in Odessa during the Greek Revolution for […]
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“Outstanding Greek women of all time and their deeds” – the online exhibition of the best children’s artworks submitted in 2020 for the 25th annual contest “The spirit of Hellas is with us”

The Branch of the HFC has developed the online exhibition “Outstanding Greek women of all time and their deeds” representing the best artworks produced by children […]

“Greece in the Eyes of Children” – 25 Years of Children’s Creativity

This year the Contest of Children’s Arts, which is organized annually by the Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Odessa, celebrates its 25th anniversary. […]
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XXIV Children’s Art Contest «The Spirit of Hellas is Among Us»

The Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, in collaboration with the Cultural Foundation «Panagiotis Giannakos» and the XOTARIS Gallery (Crete, Greece) is calling for participation […]