Winners of the GRAND PRIX of the Children’s Drawing Competition invite you to the exhibition!

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Winners of the GRAND PRIX of the Children’s Drawing Competition invite you to the exhibition!

Детский рисунок гран при итоги


Dear young friends and adults!

Time flies fast. It seems that quite recently we welcomed the winners of the first children’s drawing competition “Greece through the eyes of children”, which is held annually by the BHFC, and this year we already summed up the results of the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth competitions. Why so?

Everyone who has collaborated with us (children, their parents and teachers) knows that awards and diplomas were presented to young artists at the opening of the exhibitions of the best works at the BHFC every March 25, the National Greek Holiday. The epidemic conditions of 2020-2021 made unforeseen adjustments to this practice.

Most of the winners received their awards individually in schools, while others were awarded in person at the BHFC.

We would like to tell you about six children who received the GRAND PRIX in the last two competitions.

In the result of the XXV Competition S. Mezhinsky, N. Khibin and N. Zubets (age 9-10) were awarded with a vacation in Greece, which, unfortunately, was impossible to realize in the summer of 2020. They were offered to replace the trip with a valuable prize, but all three boys answered: “We will wait and go next year.”

Given the pandemics-related circumstances, the conditions of the XXVI Competition, for the first time in all years, did not provide for a trip to Greece: the GRAND PRIX was replaced with special prizes. These were awarded to A. Belokhonova, E. Khokhlova and F. Borodaeva.

After consulting with the sponsor who financed and hosted children in Greece – Mr. Christos Yannakos, the director of the Panagiotis Giannakos Cultural Foundation and the Xotaris Gallery, all six winners of the GRAND PRIX were presented with diplomas and tablets.

Please see photos of some of the winners who have expressed a desire to receive their prizes in person at the BHFC. We rejoice together with them and sincerely congratulate everyone! We convey our special congratulations to Anastasia Belokhonova, who will receive her prize from her teacher and the director of the Artsiz Children’s Art School V.N Afanasyev at the opening of her personal exhibition in the art gallery of the school on the International Children’s Day on June 1, 2021. Bravo, Nastya! We wish you many new achievements!

We extend our thanks to Mr. Christos Giannakos and his family, the generous, sincere and kind people, to whom all the children who were lucky to enjoy a vacation in Greece with this family are grateful. The BHFC thanks Christos for cooperation, for his loyalty to the good established tradition and for his love for the children of Ukraine.

We invite you to visit the exhibition of the best works of children, participants of the XXVI Competition, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821.