Publishing activities

Publishing is one of the most important activities of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture. Along with programs of the events sponsored by the Foundation, the Odesa Branch publishes books, which are mainly based on the findings of research works.

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The list of editions:

  • 11 кольорів
  • Stilianudi
  • Det_risunok_2007
  • Bahtov_Gerodot
  • Palatnikov_Iliada
  • Marazli_krasnaya
  • Greki_Krima
  • Antich_pam_2
  • Kostandi
  • Bahtov_Olviya
  • Kievo-Pech_Lavra
  • Garmider

Chamber Choir

The HFC in Odesa extends its activities to cultural initiatives with the participation of the Branch’s Greek language students. One example of the cultural activity and intervention of the HFC among Odesa youth is its formation of a choir and dance troupe. Pupils – both children and teenagers – present works by Greek composers and traditional dances at the Branch’s facilities, as well as at cultural events organised by other institutions in the city.

Odesa Municipality has awarded an honorary distinction to the choir and dance troupe for their active participation in the cultural life of the city.

Chamber Choir


The 25-member choir is made up of children and teenagers and is under the artistic direction of its conductor, Galina Shpak. The repertoire includes over 30 works by Greek, Ukrainian and Russian composer. In addition to appearances at celebrations and events organised by the Branch, the choir also participates in local and international festivals, such as at Galatsi in Romania (June 1999), Izmayil in Ukraine (May 2001) and Odesa (2nd and 1st prizes of the Southern Palmyra International Festival-Competition (2001–2002), and the 1st prize All-Ukraine Festival "Golden Note" (2002). It also cooperates with the cultural institutions of other countries, taking part in events with a repertoire of Greek songs.

In April 2004 the choir, along with the folk instruments orchestra of the Odesa Nezhdanova State Music Academy participated in the program of cultural events at Volos (Greece). In July 2004 upon invitation of the Music Society of Ermioni (Greece) the Hellas Choir participated in the 13th Choir Meetings.

Dance troupe


The Dance troupe of Greek Folk Dance organized and supported by the Odesa Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture was established in January 2003.

Upon the invitation of the Ermioni Musical Society (Greece) in July 2004 the dance ensemble took part in the 13th Choir Meetings in the town of Ermioni. At present, repertoire of the ensemble features twenty choreographic compositions of Greek folk dances including: Pontian dances: Omal, Tik, Kotsari, Trygona; dances of the Macedonia Region: Rayko, Zayko, Khasapiya, Patrunino; dances of Crete island: Khanyetikos Sirtos, Sirtaki, Zeybekiko, Manetsas; with more dances in the making.

Managed by Artistic Director Grigorios Chnarakis, the instructor with a 25-year experience.