Homer’s Iliad: Ink drawings. Grigori Palatnikov

Gregorios Maraslis: 175 years from his birth. Catalogue
Herodotus: Melpomene. Engravings. Vladimir Bachtov

Homer’s Iliad: Ink drawings. Grigori Palatnikov


Odessa, 2006

Pages: 60
ISBN: 966-8815-03-3

Transference of the epic discourse of the Iliad into narrative painting that goes beyond mere illustration. “The Ukrainian artist listens carefully to Homer and transforms the restless clamour of battle into a feast of graphics, without ever subjecting it to the superficial image of “appearance” . . . Unravelling the thread of their personal values, Homer’s heroes choose, take a stance with regard to events, struggle fiercely, fight madly and conquer, sometimes through guile or boldness, sometimes through courage. The chains of the ineluctable, the irreparable, the predetermined break, symmetry is overturned, as is the archaic order of human relations. The essence of this majestic overthrow is mirrored in a cyclone of dynamic compositions, expressed through asymmetry, through the fracturing of the outline, the countless labyrinthine branches of the lines . . . the figure of the old man, the tragic Priam, bowed yet at the same time upright, next to the chariot that bears the tortured corpse of his beloved son, the bravest of the brave, returns to pose invariably the same, unanswered question: Could it be otherwise?” (From the introduction by Olga Baranovskaya, art critic.).
30 pictures, 28×24.