“11 colors of modern Greece”

Translation from Greek and notes: Yurii Semenov
Compilation: Michela Chartoulari, Vangelis Chatzivasiliou

Published by the Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture
Chernivtsi: Bukrek Publishing House, 2020, 127 pp., 21×15, Ukrainian edition
ISBN 978-966-977-013-8 

“Eleven colors of modern Greece” includes eleven unusual stories: historical, philosophical, vivid, witty and romantic.  They were created by contemporary authors who represent different generations of Greek literature.  The anthology brings together totally different characters, but each presents a certain page in the life of the Greek people, a separate sign of mentality, character traits or peculiarities of life.  Each of them forms a metaphorical map of the colors of modern Greece.  The main thing is to know how to read them.

This book is for those who are inspired to learn more about the culture, literature and life of modern Greece.