Odessa 2010, 68 p., 28×23,
Russian-Greek edition
ISBN 978-966-8815-09-6.

Catalogue of the exhibition, under the same title, organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture at the Odessa Branch, in cooperation with the city’s Museum of Fine Arts and various collectors. Alexandros Stylianoudis (1868-1948) was one of the most important Greek painters of Odessa who contributed to the formation of the South Russian School of painting. A student of Kyriakos Konstantis, Stylianoudis was a multifarious artist, who has assimilated many techniques of drawing and painting. He became an expert of landscape painting and was known for his small dimension paintings. “This diversity originates from unity, probably indicating the painter’s Greek origin: the effort to seek and find out the harmony – the colors, the lines, the forms and the feelings”, notes the curator of the exhibition, Vera Savchenko. The publication fills in a gap in our knowledge concerning the creator who was recognised for his unique style both by his contemporaries and posterity. Although we find reference to his work in the bibliography, very limited information was available on Stylianoudis himself and his heritage.