Ancient Greek Sites in the Crimea.

Kiriak Kostandi and Greek Painters in Odessa: Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries
Greeks of the Crimea in the 18th – early 21st centuries. Catalogue

Ancient Greek Sites in the Crimea.


Tatiana L. Samoylova (ed)

Kiev, 2004
English-Russian edition with a Greek summary.
Pages: 288
ISBN: 966-577-047-0

The second archaeological guide published by the Odessa Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture is devoted to the ancient Greek colonies in the general area of the Crimea – Pantikapaion (Kerch), Nymphaion, Tyritaki, Myrmekion, Porthmeion, Kitaion, Theodosia (Feodosia), the Tauric Chersonessos (Sevastopol), Kerkinitis (or Karkini or Kerkini – modern Efpatoria) and Kalos Limen – and is produced in collaboration with the Ukrainian and Russian archaeologists, who were responsible for the excavations.
There are depictions of and commentaries on highly important finds, such as inscriptions, gold and silver objets d’art, masterpieces of toreutics and miniature art, imports from Attica and Ionia, as well as local products, such as vases, clay figurines, miniature artworks and coins, from the 7th century BC. They reveal the prosperity of these city-states, and the constant mutual influences between the colonists and the native population in all spheres of the economy, social life and culture.
237 pictures, 24×17.