“Greece and Odessa. A Travel through Time”
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“The Hetaerists in Bessarabia. 1821-1823”


“The Hetaerists in Bessarabia. 1821-1823 (Collection of documents. Texts)”. Compiled by Lilia Belousova, Odessa: TES, 2020 – 672 p. The book is published with funding from the President of the Greek-Ukrainian Chamber Mr. Yannis Polychronopoulos.

It took much time and effort to prepare this publication. Many organizations, artists, researchers, archivists, and publishers have made significant contributions to it, among which that by Dr. Lilia Belousova is the most important. We congratulate everyone on this occasion and extend our special thanks to the sponsor of the book, Mr. Yannis Polychronopoulos.

This publication has a special value. Speaking the language of historic documents from the State Archive of the Odessa Region and professional comments on them, it tells about the first period of the Greek patriotic movement in the Danube area under the leadership of A. K. Ypsilantis.

The documents of a particular interest include the correspondence of the Plenipotentiary Governor of Bessarabia I. N. Inzov with the Emperor of Russia Alexander I, the Minister of Foreign Affairs I. A. Kapodistrias and other officials, as well as the lists of the Hetaerists and the notes on their biographies, personal stories, and contributions to the struggle for Greek independence.

We thank all people involved in the publication of this unique book, to which the Branch of the HFC has also made its contribution.