Anthology of modern Greek prose: “11 colors of modern Greece”

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Anthology of modern Greek prose: “11 colors of modern Greece”

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The BHFC has published the Anthology of modern Greek prose, which contains seven short stories and four fragments of larger texts by eleven famous Greek writers including Christos Ikonomou, Ilias Papadimitrakopoulos, Maro Douka, Tolis Kazandis, Yannis Palavos, George Scabordonis, Thomas Korovinis, Nikos Chouliaras, Kallia Papadaki, Dimosthenes Papamarkos and Agis Petalas.

The authors of the Anthology represent different generations: the oldest was born in 1930, and the youngest one in 1983.  Their books have been critically acclaimed and popular with Greek readers, and some have won awards.  The texts for the Anthology were selected by Greek literary critics Michela Chartoulari and Vangelis Chatzivasiliou and translated from Greek by Yurii Semenov.

The anthology shows the trends and stylistic features of Greek literature of recent decades.  It gives the Ukrainian reader a polyphonic connection of the literary art and life of modern Greece with all the troubles and joys, problems and achievements of the Greek people, a nation friendly to and historically connected with Ukrainians.