The BHFC Library has received seven volumes of literary works by Greek authors translated into Russian language and recently published in Russia with the support from […]
План заходів філії ГФК в березні 2021

Program for the BHFC’s activities for March 2021 (some changes and addends are possible)

Dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution 1821-1829 02.03 – 16:00 (Tuesday) Online lecture: “Ottoman Greek refugees in Odessa during the Greek Revolution for […]
11 кольорів3

Anthology of modern Greek prose: “11 colors of modern Greece”

The BHFC has published the Anthology of modern Greek prose, which contains seven short stories and four fragments of larger texts by eleven famous Greek writers […]
Коли томати зустріли Ваґнера

Film Screening:  «When Tomatoes Met Wagner»

 The EUNIC Film Festival «Endless Possibilities» will present a film by Greek director Marianna Economou «When Tomatoes Met Wagner»   «When Tomatoes Met Wagner»  Duration: 72 […]