Priorities of the Hellenic Presidency of the European Union. Brief Presentation

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Priorities of the Hellenic Presidency of the European Union. Brief Presentation

The Consulate General of Hellenic Republic in Odessa and the Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture will hold the brief presentation of the priorities of the Hellenic Presidency of the European Union on January 23, 2014 at 16:00 at the HFC Branch.

Greece will hold the Presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2014, before handing over reins to Italy on 1 July 2014. It is the fifth time that Greece will hold the EU Presidency since its accession to the European Communities in 1981.

Greece assumes the Presidency of the Council of the EU at a time that Europe is going through a crucial transitional phase. The financial crisis imposed the implementation of restrictive fiscal policies in order to overcome initial deficiencies in the architecture of the EMU, safeguard financial stability and gradually return to sustainable public finances. However, the extent and intensity of the crisis, as well as the level of recession and unemployment that have ensued, have shaken the confidence of an important segment of European citizens in EU institutions and their ability to design and implement reliable, sound and growth-enhancing economic policies aiming at recovery, prosperity and high levels of employment. At the same time, austere fiscal policies had a great effect on social cohesion, particularly in countries directly affected by the crisis.

At this important juncture, the EU’s biggest challenge is to foster growth, competitiveness and jobs and to ensure stability and prosperity for all; for this the EU has to reaffirm its mission at the hearts and minds of its citizens. In this context, the EU is called upon today to safeguard financial stability through the deepening of the EMU, to boost growth-enhancing economic policies aiming to fight unemployment by, and inter alia, enhancing synergies between migration and growth and to restore lending to the economy, in particular to SMEs.
Briefly, the promotion of policies and actions for achieving growth, combating unemployment, promoting economic and social cohesion and structural reforms, deepening integration and completion of EMU, as well as addressing external challenges, including EU enlargement, formulate the priority framework of Hellenic Presidency.

Elections for a new European Parliament during the first semester of 2014 is yet another factor that sets the context of the Hellenic Presidency.
The presentation will be run by Antonios Haziroglou, the Consul General of Hellenic Republic.