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Greek Dancing Traditions


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dance Ensemble of the Branch of the HFC,on December 18, 2015 at 17:00 the ensemble will give a performance of traditional Greek dances at Beit Grand Jewish Cultural Center (79 Nezhynska Str.).

The NEOTIS (“Youth”) Ensemble of Traditional Greek Dances was founded in the Branch of the HFC in January 2003, and another ensemble, ELPIDA (“Hope”) was established in 2005 under the direction of a renowned Ukrainian choreographer Raisa Terepora. Over the years, the ensembles grew in size, merged and separated. Their performances of Greek dancing traditions both in Odessa and many other cities in Ukraine, Greece and Cyprus have demonstrated that many people showed much interest in their amateur artistic creativity. They have participated in many festivals and concerts, and won a number of prizes. Their repertoire includes dances from all regions of Greece. The celebratory concert on December 18, 2015 will comprise of traditional regional Greek dances including:

1. The Dance Potpourri of Syrtos Lerou, Dodekaneson, Vraka, Karaguna and Hasaposevriko.
2. Dances from the Region of Macedonia (in which 60 traditional dances have been preserved till now): Zaramo, Zaiko and Hasapia.
3. Lemnos: Tsahaias, Patima and Balos.
4. Cyclades (the archipelago of 33 islands in the southern part of the Aegean Sea): Syrtos and Vlacha form the Island of Naxos and Maukas from the Island of Paros.
5. Crete: Sousta, Kaniotikos Syrtos and Pentozalis.
6. Thrace: Bogdanos, Zonaradikos, Mantilatos, Sygatchistos, Troiro and Tsestos.
The program will be concluded with a joint performance of Syrtaki.

Brief introductions to Greek dances in Russian and Greek languages will be given by Anna Germanchuk.