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“Books are always, everywhere and forever”


For the whole year, from April 23, 2018 to April 22, 2019, the capital of Greece, Athens, has been announced the World Book Capital, being the 18th city chosen by UNESCO, the first to receive this status being Madrid in 2001.

Athens was selected because of its active support to the book industry, the promotion of books and the popularization of reading. The city developed the program “Athens – the World Capital of Books of 2018” that includes a number of different activities and more than 30 participating organizations such as educational institutions, libraries, and cultural centers of Athens.

The purpose of this “Year of the Book” is to remind people of the inspiration and pleasure that they receive from reading good books, that books are a source of cultural education and gaining knowledge as true values.

«The book is a compass in the study of the culture of each people, the acquaintance with it. We invite everyone on a journey full of readings, seminars, presentations, stories, talks and discussions», says Yannis Trochopoulos, the coordinator of the festival “Athens – the World Book Capital 2018”.

In connection with the celebration of “World Book and Copyright Day” and the “Athens – the World Book Capital 2018”, on April 23, 2018 at 15:00 the BHFC hosted a friendly meeting of librarians from Odessa and the region, which featured a film about Athens, the Book Capital – 2018, a tour of the “Filiki Eteria” museum and the exhibitions “A. Embirikos”and “Great Greeks of all time”. In the BHFC library, there were presented six thematic exhibitions books including publications by the BHFC, books for young readers, and books by the 2015 Greek literary prize winners presented at the Book Arsenal-2017. The librarians fruitfully cooperating with the BYFC were acknowledged with special diploma.

All participants of the meeting received as a gift the information booklets and books published by the BHFC, while the Research Library of the National University ” Odessa Law Academy” donated 2 books to the BHFC library. We’d like to thank the donors for this gift!