Lecture: «Theater-Greece-Odessa. Between myth, sacred and utopia»

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XXIV Children’s Art Contest «The Spirit of Hellas is Among Us»
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Lecture: «Theater-Greece-Odessa. Between myth, sacred and utopia»


November 15 (Thursday) 2018 at 16:00, the HFC  Branch will host the lecture «Theater-Greece-Odessa. Between myth, sacred and utopia» by Stamatis Efstathiou, Art Director of the Atropos Theater (Athens) and the «Thea-tr-ANTHROPOS» alternative school for the actor/man(Odessa and Kiev).

On the occasion of the opening of the «Thea-tr-ANTHROPOS» alternative school for the actor/man in Odessa, its art director Stamatis Efstathiou will talk about the connections between Greece and Odessa in the context of the main theatrical themes – «Myth-sacred-utopia».

Greece bequeathed to the world the time-tested perfect pictures about the creation of the world and the place of humans in it. Traditionally, it is the theater that performs the function of reviving universal archetypes in the hearts and minds of the audience. A person has the opportunity to transfer to the daily life this sacral dimension, which was at the base of the theater. Such a vision allows an «utopian idea» of peaceful coexistence and mutual cooperation of different cultures, religions and traditions to be translated into reality using the example of the city of Odessa.

Stamatis Efstathiou will share his thoughts on these issues and tell how much we need alternative ways of cultural cooperation based on the example of the «Thea-tr-ANTHROPOS» alternative school, which today is «straightening its sails in the stormy sea of ​​modern Ukraine».

It is expected that the lecture will be followed by a discussion
Admission is free.