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Psychology.  Female Greek archetypes


 On November 28, 2019 at 16:00, the BHFC will host a lecture “Psychology.  Female Greek archetypes” by psychologist Oksana Rozanova.

“What kind of a woman are you?  How do you make a decision?  What is affecting you?  What takes energy from you?  Where is your food source located?  What inspires you?

These questions can be answered with the help of archetypal psychology, which studies our unconscious.
In their life, women often make decisions based on spontaneity or archaic power.  In their choice, they often follow the internal images that rise from the depths of the psyche.

What makes a woman act this way and not otherwise?
This is a kind of internal wild power, which we will discuss based on examples of the life of the ancient Greek goddesses.

We will take a look at 8 goddesses from the ancient Greece myths and imagine the course of their lives.  We will discover the world of female nature through the stages of personal growth and development.
We will “live” the life of each of the goddesses”.

Oksana Rozanova (Kokota)