Lecture: “Greek stories on the walls of Odessa”

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Lecture: “Greek stories on the walls of Odessa”


February 13, 2020, at 16:00, the BHFC will host a lecture “Greek stories on the walls of Odessa” by Oleg Lugovoi, Associate Professor at the Department of Ancient and Medieval History of I.I.  Mechnikov National University of Odessa.

“Natives of continental Greece and the islands of the Archipelago were one of the first and most visible components of the population of Odessa.  For a long time they maintained cultural identity and attachment to their own spiritual center – the Greek Church of the Holy Trinity.  Even at the end of the nineteenth century, most bearers of Greek surnames indicated Greek as their native language.  Names of four streets and one square in the city are associated with Greeks.

Greeks of Odessa were notable for their wealth; many were engaged in commerce or lived on interest from their capital.  Of course, many of them were property owners.  Their initials still adorn houses in the downtown but often remain unnoticed by residents of and visitors to the city.  One can see them in the molding on the facades and in the ligature of the metal parts of balconies and gates.  It is these traces of the past and the people, who left them behind, that the lecture will talk about.”

Oleg Lugovoi

Admission is free.