Выставка в Мариуполе
Exhibition of two prominent Greek surrealists Andreas Embirikos (1901-1975) and Nikos Engonopoulos (1907-1985) in Mariupol
Васос Карайоргіс
Sad news of the death of the father of Cypriot archaeology…
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Greetings to Odessans from Lefkada


September 25, 2021, at the conference “Lefkada’s contribution to the development of the Odessa community”, Dr. Nanoushka Podkovyroff, a teacher of Greek language at the National University of Odessa and the BHFC, presented a report “Teaching Greek language: from the beginning to the present”.

photo1633947295The speaker also demonstrated a video of her BHFC students reading verses of Greek poets dedicated to the Greek revolution at the exhibition “Alexander Lantukhov’s Personalities of the Greek Revolution of 1821: Dedication to Greece and the united Europe” held at the BHFC. The song “Cantata of Freedom” performed by Melina Kantarzhi (lyrics: Dionisios Solomos, music: Christos Leontis) aroused general approval and admiration.

The meeting of partner cities in Lefkada was attended by representatives of the Department of International Cooperation and Marketing and the Department of culture and tourism of the Municipality of Odessa.