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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dear friends, time flies relentlessly, year after year passes, and very soon the year 2021 will go down in history.

It was a very difficult and challenging year for humankind and in many ways it did not fulfill the hopes and wishes of the peoples and each of us.

Plans of the BHFC to celebrate on a large scale the 200th anniversary of the Greek revolution of 1821 and rejoice together with the Odessans to meet the guests from Greece have not been realized either. Much that had been planned did not come to fruition.

Let the online mode in our work, the pandemic, fear, wars, hatred, losses and all the hardships in the world remain only in the memories of the year 2021 and forever depart with it. And in 2022 we will be left with victories, achievements, love and good deeds.

Winter holidays like Christmas, New Year and Epiphany are always a joy, they give us a special mood and traditions, which are so different and so similar and so dear to everyone. They also bring us new plans, hopes and wishes.

We wish you joy, kindness, happiness, peace, good health, understanding and prosperity to all the people and countries!

See you in 2022!