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Lecture: “The echo of the South Russian past: Alexandros Stylianoudis and Odessa painting”
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Alexandros Stylianoudis. Harmonies

The Hellenic Foundation for Culture presents for the first time in Odessa a retrospective exhibition of paintings by Alexandros Stylianoudis (1868–1948), an artist of the South Russian School of painting.

The painter was a student of Kyriakos Konstantis. As a secretary of the Association of South Russian painters, Stylianoudis contributed to the dissemination of Odessa’s artistic culture also exposing the South Russian School of painting as an important element of the Ukrainian culture.

An expert of landscape painting, Stylianoudis has also assimilated many techniques of drawing and painting. His watercolour paintings were very successful. “He made use of the technique of thin complementary layers and created a dynamic texture of the painting surface in oil painting”, says the curator of the exhibition, Vera Savtsenko.

The exhibition presents unknown works which were never shown especially since the establishment of the Soviet Union.