Book Presentation: “My Dear Remote Ancestors” by Elena Antonova

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Book Presentation: “My Dear Remote Ancestors” by Elena Antonova


February 7, 2017 at 15:30 the HFC Branch will host presentation of the book “My Dear Remote Ancestors” by Elena Antonova (Odessa: KP OGT, 2016)

Elena Antonova is a writer and a journalist. She has been a member of the Odessa Regional Community of Greeks since time of its foundation, and she is also a member of the council of the Greek Society of Odessa. Her literary works have been published in newspapers, magazines and Internet resources in Ukraine, Russia and Lanvia.

The book “My Dear Remote Ancestors” represents a quintessence of a vast corpus of factual materials accumulated over several years of the author’s genealogical research. Studies of the archival documents allowed the author to reveal many secrets of her family tree and detect some formerly unknown ethnic roots.

These included the Mavroiannis merchants from Greece, the Odliatski-Pochobuts nobles from Poland, the Yakovlevs nobles from Russia and the Losevs Cossacks from the Don Region. The true-life stories of members of these families, their friends and acquaintances give the opportunity to feel the true spirit of a bygone era.