Performance of Greek musicians at Odessa Jazz Fest 2017

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Performance of Greek musicians at Odessa Jazz Fest 2017


September 24, 2017 at 18:00, in the framework of the International Festival Odessa JazzFest, the Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet (Greece) will perform at the Philharmonic Hall in Odessa. The quartet is composed of Sokratis Sinopoulos (lyre), Yann Keerim (piano), Dimitris Tsekouras (contrabass) and Dimitris Emmanouil (drums).

Lyre is a really old instrument. It not only produces a unique sound, which can be easily recognized among a concert of musical instruments, but also has an equally unique history. The ancient origin of lyre does nort interfere with using this instrument in composing tunes that show interest among the audience of the twenty-first century. And it is this phenomenon that Sokratis Sinopoulos demonstrates in his performances.

Today, Sokratis Sinopoulos is by far one of the leading lyre-players in the world. In his multiple collaborations with artists of different genres (from the folk music of Ross Daly and Ara Dinkjian to the jazz of Charles Lloyd), Sinopoulos convincingly demonstrates that lyre is still a musical instrument in demand. It remains so much in demand that the first Sinopoulos’ album was not only released by a legendary German record label ECM but also coproduced by its founder and director Manfred Eicher. The album entitled “Eight winds” includes all those innumerous sounds, styles, genres and trends that inspire a modern musician for incredible experiments.

The guests of Odessa JazzFest will become witnesses to an incredible experiment, in which the antique sounds of a “divine lyre” meet with jazz and contemporary music. The Sinopoulos’ tunes performed by world-class musicians will certainly bring about unforgettable emotions capable of harmonizing the inner world of a listener.

“A masterful modern incarnation of a Byzantine tradition”, “a balm for the soul”, “an invitation to a travel in space and time”, “a gentle and, as it is logical to assume, lyrical music “, “an anti-stress and emergency meditative aid”, “something better than a confluence of folk and jazz”, these are just a few of the epithets herd from musical critics subjugated by the sound of the quartet of Sokratis Sinopoulos.