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Exhibition: “From a teacher to a student”



October 11, 2017 at 16:00, in the framework of the project “Unknown K.K. Kostandi (15.10.1852-31.10.1921), his students and followers” dedicated to the 165th birthday anniversary of the artist, the Branch of the HFC will host the opening of the exhibition of works by instructors from  the Odessa College of Theater and Arts titled “From a teacher to a student”.

The Odessa school of painting co-founded by K. Kostandi is known for its inimitable color. Kostandi had trained dozens of students, who passed the artist’s invaluable experience from generation to generation.

This experience is still valued among artists from the Odessa College of Theater and Arts, who present their paintings and graphic works at the exhibition held in the context of the Year of Kostandi. The school of paining of the College of Theater and Arts combines the South Russian school of painting with trends in modern scenography.

The exhibition features over 50 works of the college instructors including members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and the Union of Theatrical Workers of Ukraine (Elena Mareicheva, Marina Zhelezko, Irina Nesibullina, Georgy Barkov, Natalya Zhekova, Andrei Pismichenko, Vyacheslav Podobed, Anna Lagunova, Nikolay Volkun). For the first time, the paintings and graphic works of the college instructors will be presented together at a single exhibition.

“December 15, 2017, the Odessa College of Theater and Arts will celebrate the 97th anniversary since it was opened. Over these years, we have trained a plethora of young and talented artists with their own vision and perception of the world, beauty and harmony, capable of understanding and evaluating themselves in a new way.

We can be proud of our teachers, among whom there are many renowned cultural workers and artists”

Marianna Kadzhaeva