Participation of a Greek literary agent in the EUNIC project “Booking the Future”

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Participation of a Greek literary agent in the EUNIC project “Booking the Future”


 July 10, 2018, Evangelia Avloniti, Founder and Director of the Ersilia Literary Agency (Athens, Greece) will deliver the workshop Selling local authors and foreign rights internationally: challenges and new developments” at the Summer School for Ukrainian book publishers, which is to be held at the Art Arsenal in Kyiv as the second stage of the “Booking the Future” project run by the Ukrainian cluster of EUNIC under the EU-funded Culture Bridges Program.

Ms. Avloniti will start by giving a brief overview of the agency and the story behind it: how it started and evolved over the course of eight and a half years, the particular struggles and challenges it has faced and continues to face during Greece’s sustained economic crisis as well as our plans for the future.

She will then focus on one of the most important parts of our business: selling local authors and foreign rights (on behalf of Greek publishers) internationally. How does one market a local author for an international audience? What makes a good promotional package? How does one build international connections (with agents, scouts, and editors/publishers) which will materialise into solid working relationships? What are the main challenges behind selling books written in smaller languages like Greek? What are the new developments in selling foreign rights internationally?

During the second session of the workshop, Ms. Avloniti will showcase step by step the success of two of our bestselling books internationally, On the Unhappiness of Being Greek by Nikos Dimou, and Something Will Happen You’ll See by Christos Ikonomou, through a power point presentation.