Winners of the XXIII Children’s Painting Competition shared impressions from their vacation in Greece

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Winners of the XXIII Children’s Painting Competition shared impressions from their vacation in Greece


The winners of the XXIII Children’s Painting Competition “The Spirit of Hellas among Us” returned home from the Island of Crete full of vivid impressions and the desire to “visit Greece at least one more time”.

Every day would bring up something new, unknown before and truly impressive such as the Knossos Palace (Palace of Minotaur), the Archaeological Museums in Heraklion and Archanes, the ancient walls that protected Heraklion from enemies, the colorful modern architecture of Rethymnon and the Bali Beach.

There also were other attractions, pedestrian tours, the sea – it has a very beautiful turquoise color and is very warm – an unforgettable ice cream and especially Greek cuisine“, recalls Olga Zubets.

Hospitable Eva tried not to repeat the treats and each time surprised her guests. Children’s had an acute desire to paint to keep their memories of what they had enjoyed and to give their paintings as a token of gratitude to Christos and Eva.

The BHFC expresses its gratitude to Mr. Christos Giannakos,  the director of the Panagiotis Giannakos Foundation and the Xotaris Gallery, and his wife Eva, the Danaos Company and the Boumbouras Foundation for their help in the organization of cultural program for the children on Island of Crete

Anna Nanega (born July 30, 2003) from Kamyanets-Podilsky of the Khmelnytsky Region shared her experience as follows:

“If I had to describe this coolest trip in my life in one sentence, it would sound like this:” I beg you, give me a handkerchief; I will wipe off the plane of my tears!”. Because it seemed as though I was returning from the Haven down to ordinary, blue and rainy Earth. I felt myself capitulated Adam and Eve in one person. Perhaps it is difficult for you to appreciate my feelings, and in general: Why did not this child want to go back to her mother and father, but rather wanted to take them to Greece and live there forever? There is a single answer to this question: Do you know what siesta is? Oh yes, this is the best thing (apart from food) in everyday life of the Greeks, and I think that the lying down on the couch from 13:00 to 17:00 should occupy an important place in the Ukrainian legislation. Well, food is another of the story, and to avoid lacerating your stomach in ecstasy, just look up in Google the recipes of souvlaki and snails with rice and you will cry aloud, because Eva makes them the best. Equally important things included a transparent and wavy sea that was like a tea; a mysterious castle of Cronos; huge, interesting museums; dancing in the car; extremely friendly people who would explain everything to you, even if you have a bad command in English; souvenir and casual ware  shops where I left all my money, as well as the cool and narrow streets that are extremely interesting to paint. All this was an expressive puzzle that will remain hanging framed on the walls of my soul. Thank you, Eve and Christos, and our “brood-hen” Svitlana Mykolaivna (trip supervisor), whom we followed like spring chicken, as well as all other people and a dog who took part in our trip. My heart will never forget you. Thank you!”