Presentation and screening of Greek cartoons with the participation of Anastasia Dimitra (Greece)

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Presentation and screening of Greek cartoons with the participation of Anastasia Dimitra (Greece)


In the framework of celebrating the 224th anniversary of the founding of Odessa, on September 5, 2018 at 16:00 to 18:00, the BHFC will host a screening of Greek cartoons that will be presented by a member of the administrative board of the Greek branch of ASIFA Hellas Mrs. Anastasia Dimitra, who will then travel to Kiev to participate in the Linoleum International Festival of Actual Animation and Media Art (September 6-9, 2018).

For the festival, ASIFA Hellas has prepared a special program aimed at demonstrating the development of modern animation in Greece, which has come a long way of almost 75 years.

Over the past 10 years, a new generation of animator artists has created cartoons that have been recognized internationally for both the discovery of new aesthetic ways and the relevance of the topics raised.

Click here to view the full list of Greek films at the festival in Kiev.

At the festival in Kiev, Mrs. Anastasia Dimitra will deliver two lectures: “Art and craft of animation in Greece” and “Production of cartoons”.

Mrs. Anastasia Dimitra will visit Odessa with the goal of not only to take part in the presentation of Greek cartoons, but also to explore the possibility of cooperation in production of cartoons with Odessa animators. The BHFC will screen 11 films, of which 5 will be further shown at the festival in Kiev. These include Apodemia (migration), Village, Safe Place, Naive Kiss of Mr. Patokos and Mariza.

Admittance is free.

Brief biography of Anastasia Dimitra

Anastasia Dimitra is an External Associate Professor in the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication at the University of the Aegean (Greece).   At the same time she is the Animation and Interactive Media course leader  at AKTO art & design college  (validated college  Middlesex University, London.), (2002-presant).

She is member of the WBL Middlesex University, London. staff as an advisor/ assessor for Greece and Cyprus since 2001.

She has collaborated to produce animation films with the biggest companies in Greece like “Mosquito” (1985-1989), “Artoon S.A.”(1990-1995), etc.

In 1995, she established her personal production company, created and produced several animated advertisements and other films including “Cartoonia”, a series of 36 episodes (26 min each) on how to make animated films, for Greek television (1996-1998). She created and produced a pilot episode for the series “Lucas and The Runt” financed by the Media Program. In 2011, she created a short film “Routes”, and in 2015 produced a video wall installation “Obsession” (2’ 25”).

She has been member of the jury of several animation festivals, amongst them, the film Selection committee for the Hiroshima animation Festival, Japan. (2002).

Since 1990, she has been organizing seminars and teaching children and youth in making animation. She writes articles and book, participates I conferences and reads lectures in animation.

She is a member of ASIFA International and ASIFA Greece, and is a chairperson of the Workshop Group Association for Animated Films (AWG ASIFA)

Her research interests include:
– Theory of the art of animation.
– New methods and technologies,  how they are connected with the animation art.
– Aesthetics created in the environment of virtual reality.
– Serious Games for special needs users.