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Ретроспектива выставок

In celebration of the anniversary of the foundation of Odessa, the BHFC will present 2 exhibitions:

  1. Greek social comics, a selection from the exhibitions AN AITHRIA 7 and HISTORY REPEATING (?) that features the works of Greek illustrators revealing the impressive creative world of the Greek comic books
  1. “A Retrospective from the exhibitions created by the BHFC in 2008-2018 that illustrates the life and work of the outstanding figures of modern Greece.

Creation and display of exhibitions is one of the important directions of the BHFC’s activities as well as the result of its creative cooperation with Greek and Ukrainian partners.

A selection of flatbeds from previous exhibits is made with the purpose of not only restoring in memory what has already been seen, but also encouraging the public to expand their knowledge from other sources, as well as facilitating, especially among young people, the desire to learn something new. Over this ten-year period, 63 exhibitions were presented at the BHFC. In particular, during a single year (from October 2016 till November 2017), in the framework of the project “Unknown K. Kostandi, his students and followers”, there were presented 9 exhibitions of 548 works by 239 artists,.

The retrospective refers to only a few exhibitions dedicated to the life and work of outstanding figures of modern times in the field of culture, science, sports and the history of Greece, whose timeless contributions are much appreciated in Greece and many other countries peace, but for a number of reasons still remain poorly know in Ukraine.

Following the presentations in Odessa, thanks to the effort of the Greek societies of Ukraine, many of these exhibitions traveled to Mariupol, Kharkov, Nezhin, Lviv, Kiev, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Crimea, where their openings were accompanied by creative literary and musical evenings, lectures, film shows, concerts, meetings, etc.

We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to the exhibitions, discovered the great Greek personalities for himself or herself and promoted them among others.


  • “K. Palamas (1859-1943) – life and work”. Great Greek poet, prose writer and playwright, one of the most famous representatives of modern Greek literature of the twentieth century.
  • “Grigorios Xenopoulos (1867-1951). His life and work”. Prose writer, playwright, journalist, literary and theater critic.
  • “Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957). Life and work”. Writer, one of the most outstanding authors of the twentieth century, journalist and traveler, winner of the International Peace Prize (1956).
  • “The great giver of life – Georgios Papanikolaou (1883-1962)”. Scientist, physician, geneticist, pioneer of cytology, and the inventor of the “PAP-test” of early diagnosis of oncological diseases.
  • “K. Cavafy. 1883-1933. Life and work”. An outstanding Greek poet of modern times. UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Greece announced 2013 the Year of K. Cavafy.
  • “Seferis. Milestones of his life and creative path (1900-1971) “. Poet, novelist, talented politician, diplomat and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1963).
  • Andreas Embirikos, “Without rules, without borders.” 1901-1975”. The first Greek surrealist poet and psychoanalyst, novelist, and photographer.
  • “110th anniversary of the birth of Nikos Engonopulos, 1907-1985”. An outstanding poet and artist, representative of surrealism in Greece.
  • “100th anniversary of the birth of Yanis Ritsos (1909-1990) “. An outstanding poet, playwright, and translator, and winner of the National Prize of Greece and international prizes in the field of poetry and peace. The Ministry of Culture of Greece announced 2009 the Year of Ritsos.
  • “Nikos Kavvadias, a poet of seas and unfulfilled love.” 100th anniversary of his birth (1910-1975) “, poet of the seas and writer.
  • Odysseas Elitis. 100th anniversary of his birth. 1911-1996 ». Winner of the Nobel Prize in literature (1979), poet, artist, and translator.
  • “100th anniversary of the birth of Vasilis Tsitsanis. 1915-1984 », one of the founders of modern popular Greek music, an outstanding singer and composer, poet and buzukist.
  • Melina Mercury. Exhibition of photographs from the collection of the M. Mercury Foundation “I was born a Greek” (1920-1994). A theater and cinema actress, stateswoman, member of the Greek Parliament, the first female Minister of Culture of Greece. The date of her death, March 6, is recognized by UNESCO as the World Day of Culture.

Admission is free of charge.