October 28 – ΟΧΙ Day, the Greek National Holiday

“Mallow, a flower of life: from Ancient Greece to Christianity and Ukrainian culture (new discoveries of ancient symbols)”
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The exhibition “Love Singer Nikos Engonopoulos (1907-1985)” in Kharkiv at the 18th Season of the Days of Greek Culture, dedicated to the celebration of the OXI Day
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October 28 – ΟΧΙ Day, the Greek National Holiday


For Greece, October 28 is a special date inscribed in the history of the country as a vivid manifestation of the patriotism of its people.

“OXI” (“NO” in Greek) was a brief and decisive response of the country to the demands of fascist Italy to capitulate. On October 28, 1940, the freedom-loving Greece rose to mortal combat with the forces of the invaders of Italy and Germany. The Greeks resisted and fought courageously and heroically to protect their honor and history. Their example gave courage to other peoples of the world who were fighting fascism.

After the end of the World War II, October 28 – OXI Day was officially recognized as the national holiday of Greece. It is a symbolic coincidence that on October 28, Ukraine also celebrates an important date in its history – the Day of Liberation from the Fascist invaders, a national holiday dedicated to the expulsion of the forces of Nazi Germany from the territory of Ukraine in 1944.

Many years have passed since the times of those legendary battles, but we remember the heroic feats of the Greeks and Ukrainians, honor with gratitude the memory of those killed in the battles and pay tribute to those who glorified the countries in their struggle for freedom and independence.

On OXI Day, October 28 (Sunday), 2018, at 11:00 a celebratory Divine Service will be held at Holy Trinity (Greek) Cathedral (55A Ekaterinenskaya Str.). After the service, at 13:00, at the Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (20 Krasnyi  Provulok) there will take place a celebration of veterans of the World War II by the General Consul of the Republic of Greece in Odessa, the director of the HFC Branch, the Boumbouras Charitable Foundation and the  G.G. Marazlis Regional Society of Greeks.

A gala concert will follow.
Admission is free.