Lecture: “The Greek cathedral of St. Trinity in Odessa – 200 years of service. The Orthodox Greeks in Odessa”.
The opening of the exhibition of children’s painting: “Greece through the eyes of children”.
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Stavros Andriotis – «Absences ana Appearances»

The exhibition “Absences and appearances” with photographs by Stavros Andriotis is presented at Harkovo, after Odessa and Mariupol, at the Central Scientific Library of the Karazin Kharkiv National University. It is organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography.

Ancient Greek cities, as they are shown today, in the unique natural environment that hosts them, are the starting point for the photographic theme of the exhibition “Absences and Appearances”. The aura exuded by these ancient cities, fragments of temples, theatres and statues, interspersed in nature and in space, are only some of the elements included in the work of the artist Stavros Andriotis. People and the mark they make on him, the absent and the present, are a unique source of appeal for the photographer, who with a poetic perspective and sensibility, composes a mythical place of reference and memory.

Time, the interplay between the present, past and future is the main consideration of the artist who is trying, as he said, to impress this relationship on the photographs he creates.

Stavros Andriotis studied Photography at the International Center of Photography in New York and he has participated in many group exhibitions in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rome and USA. Apart from his solo exhibitions realised from 2001 till today, he has been awarded in many competitions in America. He has worked as o photojournalist in Greece and USA while today he is teaching Photography in Leica Academy in Athens as well as he is cooperating with various newspapers and magazines.