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The Apology of Socrates

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The Greek Theatre International and the Odessa Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece and with the assistance of the   A. G. Leventis Foundation presents the performance ‘The Apology of Socrates’ on October 10, 2011 at Odessa Academic Russian Drama Theatre at 18:00.

‘The Apology of Socrates’ is an 80 minute solo performance which captures the essence of Socratic ethics in an accessible and engaging manner. The play features a delightful and quite humorous dramatization of the famous philosopher’s defence and his rebuttals to a guilty verdict and sentence to death. In the Apology, reported to us by Socrates’ student, Plato, the wise man of Athens firmly defends himself – rather than apologizing in the contemporary sense – against politically motivated accusations of not believing in the gods of the state, and of corrupting the Athenian youth. Yannis Simonides channels the eccentric yet magnetic personality of Socrates and offers a profoundly social, political, but above all human work which captivates the audience with the humor, immediacy and simplicity of its theatrical rendition.
Take a seat in the court of ancient Athens as Socrates goes on trial for his life. Hear the philosopher face his accusers with his trademark wit, cutting logic, and the courage of his ideals. Consider his arguments on virtue, justice, politics, civic duty, love of life and hope in death, and draw your own judgement. Enjoy the post-performance opportunity to discuss with the actor the ramifications of your verdict.

Think. Question. Change.

Actor: Yannis Simonides
Director: Loukas Skipitaris
Costume Designer: Theoni Vahliotes Aldredge
Original Music: Caryn Heilman