Exhibition “The 1st Biennale of Ex Libris – 2013”

Celebration of March 25th and 200th Anniversary of the foundation of Philiki Etaireia
Presentation of the concluding volume of the series
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Exhibition “The 1st Biennale of Ex Libris – 2013”

The Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture presents “The 1st Biennale of Ex Libris – 2013”, the exhibition of the engravings of the students of the Faculties of Fine Arts of the Universities of Greece on the theme “Iliad and Odyssey” on March 24 at 14:00.

The first thematic exhibition was held in Archanes of Crete. Like an artistic Argo, it stopped inAthens, Italy, Rome, St. Petersburg, now is in Odessa, then will be in Shanghai, Naples and other cities of the world.

Why is Homer? He sets questions hidden in images of beauty and violence; in battles and compromises; in human hugs and abductions; in visions and fierce battles.

Homer attributes virtues and passions such as beauty, power, bravery, cunning, pain or fearlessness to both groups of fighters, Greek and Trojans. It counts for little whether they are Greeks or Trojans, defenders or attackers.
Just like the traveler who stands opposite the imaginary or not problems and difficulties that time and Gods send him.
This magic word that has lived all along and shall live for ever and ever, inspired thousands of artists all over centuries.
The HFC Branch is grateful to the Cultural Foundation “Panagiotis Giannakos”, XOTARIS Gallery,Crete, and Mr. Christos Giannakos for productive cooperation.