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The exhibition “Kostis Palamas (1859-1943)


The exhibition “Kostis Palamas (1859-1943), the great poet, writer and dramatist of Greece” will be held in Mariupol in the MEOTIDA Cultural Center as an event of the Days of Greek Culture dedicated to the national Greek Holiday – the Independence Day.

The flatbed photographic exhibition and the script of the conversazione are developed by the Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Odessa and put on exposition in Mariupol on a request from the local community of Greeks, with whom the Branch of the HFC has been collaborating.
Kostis Palamas is one of the most prominent representatives of Modern Greek literature in the twentieth century. His poetry and songs will be performed by residents of Mariupol.

The press release for the exhibition is available at the website of the Branch of the HFC under the date of 21.05.2015