The “Open Project”: Exhibition of works by instructors from the K. Kostandi School of Fine Arts (Odessa)

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The “Open Project”: Exhibition of works by instructors from the K. Kostandi School of Fine Arts (Odessa)


The Branch of the HFC, in collaboration with the K. Kostandi School of Fine Arts, the Grekov College of Arts, the Regional Branch of the National Union of Artisans, the Museum of Fine Arts, art collectors and other interested groups and individuals has initiated the “Open Project: Unknown K.K. Kostandi (15.10.1852 – 31.10.1921), his students and followers”

On the occasion of the 165th anniversary of K.K. Kostandi and in commemoration of 95 years since his death, the project will last from October 2016 till October 2017. The project is open to all kinds of participants. For details please contact the organizing committee: (0482) 357-136.

The first exhibition under the project will open at the Branch of the HFC on October 27, 2016 at 16:00. It will present over 50 works (paintings, graphics and applied arts) by 20 instructors from the K. Kostandi School of Fine Arts (Odessa).

Greek by origin, Kiriak Kostandi was known as not just an academician of painting and the leader of the Southern Russian School of painting, but also as a painting instructor, a public figure and a director of the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts (nowadays, Odessa Museum of Fine Arts). After 1917 he served as an expert in the Odessa Commission for preservation of historic monuments.

The growing interest in color and plein-air had always been typical of students of Odessa School of Fine Arts, the followers of Kostandi. The Kostandi’s mentor P. Chistiakov noted that “Kostandi, as it can be judge from his students arriving to the Academy, teaches them to communicate with nature, reveals to them the secret of its charm and subtly interprets its essence”.

In the exhibition of their works, which continue the realistic traditions of the Southern Russian school, the art instructors of the Kostandi School of Fine Arts for Children express their affection and respect to the artistic legacy of K.K. Kostandi.

Oil painting: Valeriy Martyniuk, Lena Martsenko, Irina Rubel, Irina Dmitrieva, Olga Gorbach, Ekaterina Timoshenko, Natalia Petrova, Tatiana Muromtseva, Norel S. and Iulia Loseva.
Water color painting: Alla Filipenko, Tatiana Romanenko, Alla Mironenko, Aleksandra Ulianich.
Printed graphics, color engraving on cardboard: Tatiana Ishchenko.
Arts and crafts, hand weaving: Oksana Logovskaya, Inna Ostrovskaya, Lika Mulenson.
Arts and crafts, ceramics: Olga Spivakova, Irina Soloviova.

Admittance is free of charge.