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Exhibition of the best works submitted to the 21th Children’s Fine Arts Contest “The Labors of Heracles” in the Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture
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“Revival of Greece. March 25, 1821”


On March 25, 2016 the Museum of Philiki Eteria received an album “Revival of Greece. March 25, 1821” donated by Mr. Pandelis V. Boumbouras, the Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Odessa and the Head of the Association of Greek Businesses in Ukraine. The album, which contains Greek and Russian texts and almost 40 photographic pictures with historic annotations, was printed in 1868 in the printing house of Petr Frantsov, one of the best Odessa’s printing houses of the time (no circulation figure is indicated).

This wonderful and quite rare collection was lithographed in 1836 and published by the unforgettable Hellinophile Baron P. Hess. Thirty nine photographs of engravings made by an unknown author show historic feats of heroes in the Greece’s liberation struggle against the oppression of the Ottoman Empire.
Although some illustrations are missed from the album (Nos. 18, , 23, 32, 38, 39), it still represents a great interest for studies in Greek liberation struggle and history of the revival of Greece which began in 1821.
In the Foreword it says that the album was a charitable publication designed “to support and arouse a sacred sense of patriotism” among Greek compatriots residing in Russia.

The album was sold in the bookstore of brothers of Creon Papa-Nicholas located in Richelievskaya Street in Odessa, in the care of Mr. Nkolay Stilianoudi who worked for the brothers.
The funds collected from the sale were transferred to His Excellency Privy Councillor Mr. Bazili in the amount of one tenth of the sum, of which one half he sent to His Excellency State Councillor Mr. Marazli, the treasurer of the “Committee for the Wounded Russian Soldiers”, while another half of the sum went to the “Central Committee of the Candiote Families” in Athens.
Unfortunately, no copies of this album are available in the oldest and the largest research libraries in Odessa, the National Research Library and the Research Library of Odessa National University.