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“Rhythm. Motion”


The first personal exhibition “Rhythm. Motion” of a young artist of Greek origin Ms. Zhanna Pulcho will be launched at the Branch of the HFC November 24, 2017 (Friday) at 17:00 and last until December 10, 2017.

Zhanna Pulcho is a four-year student at the Institute of Architecture and Arts of the Odessa National Academy of Construction and Architecture specializing in Fine Arts. A graduate from the K.K. Kostandi Childrens’ School of Fine Arts in Odessa, she regularly participates in joint exhibitions of the artists from Odessa at both local and national scale.

The exhibition “Rhythm. Motion” presents nearly 30 works of the young artist executed in graphics, water coloring and printing.

Commenting on the theme of her exhibition, the artist says:

“Rhythm is immanently inherent in humans as living organisms; it manifests itself in the perception of space and time in such processes as heartbeat and breathing, the alternation of day and night, the alternation of the seasons.

Rhythm is a living variety, suggestive of a suitable plastic solution. Thanks to this, works of an artist acquire emotional character.

Motion in a picture is the exponent of time.

The depth of phenomena and human characters is most evident in a concrete action, in motion. Even in such genres of as portrait, landscape or still life, the artist seeks not only to capture, but also to fill the image with dynamics, to express his essence in action during a certain period or even to imagine the future. The dynamism in the works is connected not only with the movement of some objects, but also with their internal state”.

Zhanna Pulcho
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