Opening of the exhibition “Faces of Creativity”

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Opening of the exhibition “Faces of Creativity”

лики творчества

On May 24, 2019, at 15:00, the BHFC branch will host the opening of the exhibition “Faces of Creativity” that presents diploma works (painting, graphics, sculpture, applied art) by graduates and teachers from the Faculty of Arts and Graphics of the K.D. Ushinskyi South Ukrainian Pedagogical University.

The name and the concept of the exhibition stem from the saying of the philosopher, artist and poet M. Voloshin: “Recognize your own face in others and for others be a mirror yourself.”  The cultural critic M. Bakhtin related that one is able get to know himself through a comparison with other people.

The main feature of the exhibition is the portrait genre, so rare in modern art, in which a person focuses on himself and loses the ability of self-knowing through other people, contemporaries and predecessors (who left behind their spiritual heritage).

The exhibition presents the graduates’ diploma works in the genre of portrait executed under the mentorship of M.V.  Ponomarenko and N.G.  Pakhomova:

  • parade portraits (N. Kononchuk “Portrait of the People’s Artist A. Gavdzinsky”);
  • theatrical portrait (Y. Prosvirnina “Self-portrait in the Korean Hanobok”; O. Ivchenko “Self-portrait in the mirror”);
  • a series of mythological self-portraits showing the female graduates as ancient goddesses with symbolic attributes of fertility, welfare, and art (K. Zlatyev, Yu. Chevnova, O. Zilyuk, N. Rybalko, M. Dovgalova, E. Martynova);
  • thematic compositions (V. Zhulynska), and works in the genre of landscape (A. Sopilnyak) and still life;
  • The symbolic door to the space of the starry sky opens A. Zavlinsenska (“Opening”)

Cherniavsky presented medals on the antique theme.
The works of art reflect the spiritual essence of a human being.  As M. Voloshin put it, “Beauty aspires to face.  Everyone is looking for a face and the ugly world knocks into the soul of the artist in order to find its own embodiment through him”.

The exhibition opening will also feature the discussion on “Portrait and ritual”

Exhibition curators:

  • O.A.  Tarasenko, Professor, Head of the Department of Fine Arts
  • M.V.  Ponomarenko, Professor, Department of Fine Arts