The Branch in Odesa

The Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture was established in Odesa in September 1994 by the decision of the Administrative Board of the Foundation made on the basis of the permit from the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (registration No. 27 dated April 8th, 1994).

The Branch is housed in three adjacent historic buildings rented at a symbolic price from the Municipal Council of Odesa, in one of which formerly belonged to Grigoriy Marazli there resided Greeks and gathered members of the Filiki Eteria Society.
The Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, an institutionalized organization for implementation of Greek cultural policy abroad, was created in order to promote and disseminate Greek language and Greek culture in Ukraine. Its activities cover a number of areas, of which the key one is education constructed around an exhibition in the Museum of the Filiki Eteria and teaching courses of Modern Greek language.
Cooperation and support are key principles of the activities conducted by the Branch. The Branch has been closely collaborating with universities, museums, libraries, archives and other cultural organizations throughout Ukraine.
The Branch conducts many research-oriented activities including research work, organization of scientific conferences and participation in various international meetings and programs at both local and European levels.

In Ukraine

Over the last few years the Branch has been gradually extending its action to some other large Ukrainian cities.

These include programs composed of a wide range of cultural and educational activities in different fields of interest (music, dance, theatre, photography, education, history, archaeology etc.). Through its multidimensional cultural activities the Branch facilitates dialogues between opinions, ideologies and political aspiration of all kinds.

Library - Greek language - Lectures

Museum of the Filiki Etairia - Exhibitions


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Publishing has a special place in the work of the branch. Developing her branch aims to provide information to the widest possible sections of the population. Reissued and published books contribute attached to human values, to enhance national and cultural level, opening up new sources of knowledge.

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